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<p><b>B-50D-125-BO Superfortress<p></b>

B-50D-125-BO Superfortress

Strategic Air Command Boeing B-50D-125-BO Superfortress. 328th BSqn /93d BWg USAF (328th BSqn /93d Bomb Wingg United States Air Force). 1LT George Don Griffitis was one of twelve crew members killed in a crash near Gridley, California, in 13 January 1953. The B-50D was one in a flight of four on a routine navigational flight when it was seen to spin down out of clouds and somewhat leveled out before it crashed in a grain field on the Terrill Sartain property, about three and a half hours after take-off. The impact completely destroyed the aircraft, but no fire was started as its engines were buried deep in the mud. The following crewmen were killed in the crash: Aircraft Commander Lt.Col. Gerald W. Fallon, age 34, husband of Elaine K. Fallon, of Merced, CA Maj. William P. McMillan, age 37, husband of Greta A. McMillan, of Atwater, CA Capt. William S. Raker, age 27, husband of Lorraine G. Raker, of Atwater, CA Capt. Edward Y. Williams, age 33, of Spokane, WA 1st Lt. George D. Griffitts, age 23, of Hico, TX T/Sgt. Curtis F. Duffy, age 27, husband of Ruth A. Duffy, of Atwater, CA T/Sgt. Bobby G. Theuret, age 29, husband of Barbara L. Theuret, Atwater, CA M/Sgt. Joe L. Bradshaw, age 37, husband of Jessamine Bradshaw, of Atwater, CA M/Sgt. William H. Clarke, age 32, husband of Audrey W. Clark, of Merced, CA M/Sgt. Wallace N. Schwart, age 28, of Maywood, IL A.J. William B. Crutchfield, age 27, husband of Della Ann Crutchfield, of Atwater, CA A1C Charles W. Hesse, age 21, of Sauk Center, MN




Maria Katharina Margaretha Hess is the eldest Person in my tree with a picture




Die schönste Stadt im Norden... Nach dem Krieg


<p><b>Marilyn Joan Losh Herndon<p></b>

Marilyn Joan Losh Herndon


<p><b>Murdered  Karen Ann Christensen<p></b>

Murdered Karen Ann Christensen

Ermordet - Im Pickup mit ihrem Cousin Larry Gordon Wells verbrannt



<p><b>Murdered Daniel Pratt Kenyon<p></b>

Murdered Daniel Pratt Kenyon

Cotton Top Walker Gang killed Deputy Daniel Kenyon and Deputy Almer Terry


<p><b>Murdered William Tener Starmer<p></b>

Murdered William Tener Starmer

Ermordet von den Daltons